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It is terrible that the eternity is composed of accounting periods

   Company UNICONS  successfully carries out an activity in the field of consulting in accounting, taxation, audit and IT for the Russian and foreign companies.

Our Success Is Determined By:

  • Our open and even attitude to the Client,
  • Our respect for the Client,
  • Our willingness to respond quickly to the Client’s requests,
  • Our desire to eliminate mistakes and constant improvement,
  • Our employees that are ready to develop and grow with the company, increase their professionalism, as well as help to grow and develop to our Clients,
  • Our work for the result
  • Our willingness to take responsibility
  • Our ability to listen and hear, as well as to fulfill promises
  • Our desire to change for the Client’s needs

   We adhere to the concept of «social responsibility of business» and express it in our respect for people, employees, companies, government, non-governmental organizations, helping those in need, caring for the environment.

   Our goal is to improve the quality of services, provide NEW outsourcing at the market, develop continuously, search for new solutions and ideas for our Clients, and move forward with the whole community.


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